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We check availability of our servers with special service which has many nodes all around the world. So it shows if there are any connection problems with a specific server or not. The statistics show the network capacity of each server in the last 4 minutes and availability during a certain amount of time. You can learn from the statistics the best server or a chain for you. Each server bandwidth is 100Mbit/s, except of server in Hong Kong (HK), its bandwidth is 10Mbit/s.

Server Status Capacity For 7 days For 30 days
Server IT Italy (IT) Online
100% 100%
Server DE Germany (DE) Online
100% 99.991%
Server NL Netherlands (NL) Online
100% 99.972%
Server UK Great Britain (UK) Online
100% 99.917%
Server US United States (US) Online
100% 100%
Server CA Canada (CA) Online
100% 100%
Server HK Hong Kong (HK) Online
100% 100%
Server SE Sweden (SE) Online
100% 99.991%
Server BG Bulgaria (BG) Online
100% 99.991%
Server CH Switzerland (CH) Online
100% 100%