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With OpenVPN connection my Internet speed decreased, why is that?

Lets briefly discuss what usually is considered as "Internet speed":
1. Ping - time to get a response from the remote host.
2. Bandwidth - maximum amount of data that can be transferred per unit time (usually per 1 second, for example 4Mbit/s - a 50MB file will be transferred in about 106 seconds).
When you use our service the "speed" will be:
1. Ping will of course be higher than without using OpenVPN, but even with double vpn ping will be low enough to comfortly work with applications (browser, mail client, torrent client, skype). Satellite, gprs and other channels with high latency will probably get some connection delays.
2. Bandwidth for one client is not limited by us, it's only limited by clients ISP. If you have a "Super Unlim 4Mbit/s" tariff, our servers will also give you 4Mbit/s. When you use double vpn this bandwidth may decrease to 3-1,5Mbit/s.
As a summary: "low speed" problems with OpenVPN connected are usually caused by clients PC, ISP or their uplink, but not our servers. You can see the limit of your bandwidth with OpenVPN connected using, for example, this torrent-client. Remove the download speed limit, connect to our vpn server and you will see the maximum bandwidth.