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Installation of OpenVPN on Windows XP

1. Download the latest version of OpenVPN software from our site (x86_64) or from the official one.

2. Install the software by launching the downloaded file:

- Click "Next".

- Click "I Agree" under license agreement.

- You may chose the components you need. Unless you understand the purpose of some components continue with default settings and click "Next".

- Chose the path OpenVPN should be installed to. We recommend you to continue with default path and click "Install".

- You should ignore this message as the TAP interface (though unsigned by Microsoft) will not harm your PC.

- "Completed" status informs you that the installation process has been successfully completed. Click "Next" to finish the installation.

3. Unpack the archive you downloaded from your client panel "subscriptions" page to folder C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config or other OpenVPN directory you specified while installation.

4. After the archive is unpacked start OpenVPN GUI. Its shortcut is located on your desktop and in "Start" menu.

5. After OpenVPN GUI is launched you can connect to the server(s) from your subscription.

6. When you are successfully authorized you will see a message in tray panel about established connection and green OpenVPN GUI icon.

Since that moment all your traffic is encrypted and routed into VPN tunnel. In case of connection problems (OpenVPN GUI icon will turn from green to yellow) NONE of packets will be send bypassing VPN tunnel until you disconnect it manually.