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Installation of OpenVPN Connect on iPad (iOS)

1. Install application OpenVPN Connect on your device.

2. In client panel send subscription configuration files to email that is accessible from your iPad. There will be a connection manual in the letter.

3. On iPad open in your Mail app (not in internet browser) the email with configuration files and click on any of attached files. A window with options will appear. Select option "Copy to OpenVPN".

4. After that an OpenVPN software will open and a few further actions will be offered. Select an icon with white cross in green circle.

5. Now you can use VPN after clicking "Connect" switch in OpenVPN Connect software.

The same way you can import other files from an email attachment.

Attention! By default OpenVPN Connect software allows traffic leaks on sudden connection loss, connection stop or reconnection to VPN. To solve this problem you should enter "Settings" on your device, choose "OpenVPN" in applications list. Options will appear. Switch option "Seamless tunnel" on and set option "Connection timeout" value to "None". This solution is available for iOS 8 and higher versions.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask via support contacts.