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Installation and use of Tunnelblick on Mac OS X

1. Download the latest stable version of Tunnelblick (without "beta" in its name). If you use beta version of OS X then you will probably need to download the latest beta version of Tunnelblick (with "beta" in its name). If you don't know what version of OS X you have, click on Apple sign in the upper left corner and select "About This Mac".

2. Click on the downloaded file, then double click on the Tunnelblick icon to start installation and to setup the software.

3. Download the configuration file of your subscription by clicking on Mac icon on your subscriptions page. Unpack the archive contents and start the Tunnelblick configuration import by double clicking on the file.

4. Choose if you want to install the configuration for all users or for yourself only. Do the same for every configuration file.

5. Confirm configuration import by entering administration password.

6. Click on Tunnelblick icon and you will see the list of possible connections. Select a configuration and connection process will start.

7. After a few seconds the Tunnelblick icon will turn black like a tunnel - this means the connection has been established successfully. Now all network applications can work through VPN tunnel.