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Installation and use of OpenVPN on Android with OpenVPN for Android

1. Click on Android icon in billing panel and download the archive with subscription configuration to your PC or directly to your Android device. If you use PC, unpack the downloaded archive and move the output files to your Android device via USB/memory card/dropbox/etc.

2. Open Google Play Store and install OpenVPN for Android by Arne Schwabe. After installation start the application.

3. Click on the folder icon in the upper right corner. A window for configuration import will open. Select in the file system one of the files you saved on step 1. A notification that the file was successfully read and is ready for import will appear. Click on the floppy disk icon in the lower right corner and the import will be finished. Repeat this process for every configuration file if you need other subscriptions.

4. Start the connection process by clicking on one of configurations. Application will request permission to intercept all network traffic of your device - confirm that by checking "I trust this application" and click OK.

5. After successful connection you will see a brief connection log in the same window. The key line in it is "Connected:SUCCESS, ...". The connection steps will also be reflected in notification area. You will see a "key" icon there after connection is established. If you open the notification area by drawing if down, you will see application OpenVPN for Android running with current connection status. If you click on the application icon, you will get access to application management including disconnect option.

Now application adjustment is finished. When successfully connected, all the traffic from your Android device will be encrypted and directed to the vpn tunnel.