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How to make OpenVPN GUI start and establish vpn connection on PC startup

Some our clients need vpn connection to be established right after Windows starts. It's possible because OpenVPN GUI supports startup parameters. There are plenty of them, you can see them all by starting OpenVPN GUI with --help parameter. To make OpenVPN GUI load the certain configuration and establish connection to the server is pretty easy. Add OpenVPN GUI shortcut to "Autorun" (Start-All programms-Autorun), then open the shortcut "Properties" and add to the "Object" field:
--connect "{configuration name which is located in config folder or subfolder}"
After you do that the "Object" field will look like
"D:\OpenVPN\bin\openvpn-gui-1.0.3.exe" --connect "[multi]-IT-NL over TCP [].ovpn"
Now OpenVPN GUI will start and connect to the vpn server right after Windows loads.