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  • Your real IP address is hidden behind our VPN servers, which allows anonymous internet surfing without revealing you location

    VPN securely protects your internet traffic encrypting it with symmetrical cryptoalgorithm AES-256-СВС

  • No logs kept

    Strong cryptoalgorithm

    Unlimited traffic

    High connection speed

  • Stable servers

    Many payment systems are accepted automatically

    Discounts for regular customers

    Many tariff plans



The first (the only) server receives request from your computer and sends it on its behalf into the Internet.

  • No logs or statistics kept!
  • Maximum connection speed with good anonymity
  • Access to our private anonymous dns server

from 25$ per month

Order Simple


The first server receives request from your computer and redirects it to the second server, which sends it on its behalf into the Internet.

  • No logs or statistics kept!
  • Best connection speed/anonymity combination
  • Access to our private anonymous dns server

from 36$ per month

Order Double


The first server receives request from your computer and redirects it to the second, the second redirects to the third, which sends it into the Internet.

  • No logs or statistics kept!
  • Maximum anonymity
  • Access to our private anonymous dns server

from 42$ per month

Order Triple

What are our advantages?

Maximum security

We protect you from traffic interception at home, at work or in public Wi-Fi. Neither ISP, nor criminals, nor public Wi-Fi owners will be able to learn your credit card number or social network message.

Anonymity guaranteed

We make your internet surfing anonymous by changing your external IP address. So it doesn't reveal your real location and keeps secret your internet surfing history.

We don't spy on our clients

We can speak responsibly that there is no logging client activity on our servers. That's why we are ready to provide you with direct access to any our server.

Bypass ISP site blocking

With our service you can access the content which is blocked by your government censorship, system administrator at work or ISP at home.

Unlimited traffic

We don't have traffic limitations and the server bandwidth is distributed among clients depending on their needs. You can watch or download video, music and other digital content.

Fabulous connection speed

A wide range of choice of servers in different countries with large bandwidth and real hardware guarantees fast and stable work.

No third parties

We have rather high prices because client payments for subscriptions is our only source of income. Ask yourself: where do free or cheap vpn services get money from to pay for their expenses?

Discounts and sales

We often run sales with discounts wich add to your discount program. So you can buy subscriptions about twice cheaper during some of our sales. Keep an eye on our service news.

Discount program

Our loyal customers benefit from our discount program. As you spend specific total sum in our service then you get a permanent discount up to 25%!

Stable servers

Our service has fast and stable servers with uptime close to 100%. We regulary monitor their status and solve any problems as soon as possible.

Professional support

Our support team has significant experiense with solving vpn connection technical problems. Such problems occur rare with our customers but if they do then we are here to help you.

No connection breaks

You can connect to our vpn even with an expired sub in order to write a ticket and fund your balance. At the moment when sub expires you don't get disconnected, opposite to other vpn services.

Many payment methods

With our service you can fund your balance with many methods such as popular online payment systems, banks and different cryptocurrencies.

Dedicated IPs

We offer dedicated IPs for rent so this IP will be used by you only. If you like to order a dedicated IP for your subscription then please contact our support team.


There are adjustable notifications by email, jabber, icq about upcoming subscription expiration or ticket response. Such notifications make using our service even more handy.

Any device support

Our vpn works with all popular devices and operation systems. We have a detailed manual with pictures for each of them so you can easily setup and adjust vpn software.

Subscripton autoprolongation

Your can enable automatic prolongation of your subscription. In case the required sum is available on your account then your subscription will be prolonged without any actions from you.

Sites don't know about vpn

Our servers forbid reverse ping and have modified connection mtu/mss parameters. So it's almost impossible for the sites you surf to learn that you are using our vpn and you look like a regular visitor.